This article is for my dear friend - Victoria to let her know what she ate in Taiwan...

and anyone who wanna know Taiwan food..

1. 芋頭 taro

2. 台式泡菜

Taiwan style kimchi....

3. 黑松 沙士

Hey Song Sarsaprilla

(Hey Song is the brand name)

4. 牛肉麵

beef noodles

5. 芒果冰

Mango Shave Ice

(剉冰=shave ice)

6. 豆花=tofu pudding=soy custard...

I don't know which is right, anyway it's made from soy beans.

(pic from:

original 豆花 looks like this pic,

traditional 豆花 usually put peanuts in it..

but now we put anything with 豆花..

7. 蛋捲

egg roll

8. 小鳥蛋

quail's egg


9. 大腸麵線

thin noodles with pork intestine

10. 蔥抓餅

oh my god...I don't know how to explain...

(蔥= green onion / scallion, 抓=catch,餅=cookie/cake)

I think it's kind of pancakes..



this is 蔥油餅=scallion pancakes


some people name it "Chinese pizza"

both of them are made from flour and green onion.

11. 潤餅or春捲

in Philippine they name it "Lumpia", it's Taiwanese pronunciation..

in England they just name it "pancake"..

or you can call it 春捲 = spring roll..

it's kind of Taiwan style Burrito..


Elaine style spring roll...

because I don't eat vegetables, I only put meats and eggs..


we usually eat the spring roll on the Tomb Sweeping Festival..

it's on April 5th..

and I have to go to grandma's house on that day..

12. 藥燉排骨

Stew (pork) Ribs with Herbs

13. 甘梅地瓜薯條

French fried sweet potatos with plum powder

(地瓜=sweet potato=yam,薯條=French fries)

14. 胡椒餅

baked pepper cake/ backed pepper cookie

15. 西瓜汁

watermelon juice

沙其瑪Sha Qima、旺旺小小酥、旺旺仙貝

(pic from:

(pic from:

16. 沙其瑪(Sha Qima)

made from flour, sugar, and maltose

17. 旺旺小小酥

18. 旺旺仙貝


旺旺 is a big company, they are famous of 旺旺仙貝 this product..

when we go to the temple or pray something to Gods, we prepare this to Gods,

and 旺旺 also means "good luck"..

to hope God could give us more business..

19. 台灣啤酒 Taiwan Beer (in English)

Taiwan beer is so nice,  try it !!

(pic from:

20. 蠶豆酥

broad bean snack

21. 大腸包小腸

(small sausage wraped by big sausage, white ones are big sausages, red ones are small sausages)

(pic from:

it's made of 2 sausages,

大腸=big sausages=米腸or糯米腸=glutinous rice sausages
/ sweet rice sausages

小腸=small sausages=香腸=sausages (Taiwan sausages)


kind of Taiwan style hot dog.

it's very famous in 逢甲夜市 Feng-Chia Night Market..

(the Night Market is in 台中 Taichung, originally we wanted going there, but we cancelled the schedule because of the rain)






the above is translated by myself..

only for reference, any other suggestions, just leave a comment.




---part Ⅱ is coming soon---




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